By Dan Bradley

Well I’ve been having an ongoing saga with my knees for quite some time! I had a fall at Stanage maybe three years ago where I broke a few things and since then I have been suffering with my knees.

I managed to get an MRI scan, which came to the conclusion that my cartilage was bust on both knees so would have to have a small operation to trim them, super easy.

Two days after this I dislocated my right knee which set back everything and caused further damage, unable to climb/work and being self employed is not a good time. On Tuesday I managed to get both knees operated on but unfortunately the right is a bit bust still. I now await another operation to try to salvage/remove the remaining cartilage.

What this means though is I’m able to write up all the journeys I’ve been on and plan some more, anyone keen for Rockland in Africa in September?

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