Providing for the Team

By alpjim

There comes a time in a mans life when he has to prove to himself he is a man. This happened to me at the ICE festival. For the past few years we have been the only people to sleep outside at the festival bivi, everyone else takes Mountain Hardwear up on their offer of loan tents. Gerard had mentioned “igloos” in his pre festival publicity but to our disappointment what looked liked a random pile of snow turned out to be the only one. This snowhole / igloo kind of thing was awesome but was already taken… where was ours!! After some Inspector Clouseau type investigation it turned out the occupiers made it themselves. The organisers had shovels we could borrow and I turned enthusiastically to the other Alpkit guys. I was met with blank looks… come on guys… it’ll be cool… They didn’t seem keen. How hard could it be?

I walked into the powder and starting digging. The snow was very powdery and collapsed as soon as I dug the start of a tunnel. Maybe if I piled it up I could dig into it.. several minutes later the pile didn’t look very big but the hole was pretty deep so I just kept digging!

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