The Rab Bouldering League at The Edge

By Dan Bradley

On Sunday Naomi, Flo and Gracie took part it the final round of the Rab junior bouldering league.

Although we all felt rather tired and none of us had any finger skin left (we had just returned from Font); we managed to pull through. The climbs where tricky and some did manage to floor us. However we all managed to top quite a good number of the 25 climbs. Naomi, who only had two climbers in her group (14 to17), finished 1st and Gracie and Flo, in the 11 to 13 category, came 2nd and 3rd.

This competition was the last of 5 rounds so the overall winners were announced. Gracie and Naomi both got 2nd overall and Flo just missed out in 4th. It was a good competition with well set problems and we thoroughly enjoyed taking part.


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