The Big Living Room Campout in partnership with ShAFF

By Mark Roberts

We haven’t all got the luxury of a back garden or local trails to explore on our doorstep. Some of us live in flats, and most of us reside in cities where green space is at a premium. So, we’ve decided to team up with the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) to bring the outside in!

The concept is simple: set up a tent in your living room (or a tarp and bivvy bag if you’re short on space); get a brew on the go (camping mugs optional but strongly encouraged); and fire up the screen device of your choosing to watch some awe-inspiring adventure films.

ShAFF have kindly put together a free selection of films for the occasion - family friendly so the kids can join in too. We’d love to see your best Living Room Campout setups, so don’t forget to share your pictures with us via social media using the #BigLivingRoomCampout hashtag.

When you've finished, stick on some nature sound effects (we recommend birdsong and babbling brooks), crack open a window and shut your eyes. It might not be wild camping in a secluded Scottish glen but it's not far off. After all that effort of getting everything set up, it'd be a shame not to sleep down there too...

If you'd like to receive updates about future screenings, you can sign up to the ShAFF newsletter on their website. With this year's festival sadly cancelled, there's also a page on how best to support the future of the festival here.

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