How to store your bouldering mat

By Ashleigh Naysmith

Storing your mat properly is key to ensuring it lives longer. But bouldering pads aren’t very stealthy, so finding a subtle spot to store one isn’t the easiest of tasks. These pointers should set you on the right path…

Store folded or open?

Hinge pads can be stored folded up because the foam isn’t bent. Store your taco pad open, as keeping the mat folded for long periods will degrade the foam along the fold line.

Store it clean

Make sure your mat is clean before storing. This keeps your mat in good shape and stops it from ponging out the house.

To clean your boulder pad, wipe the shell clean with a damp rag or scrub it with a soft brush. Use a soap-based detergent to shift all the grit engrained along the stitching line without damaging the fabric.

Store it dry

Wet mats end up smelly and mouldy, so airdry your mat before storing. To dry damp foam, unzip the shell to allow the air to circulate.

Be wary of heating your mat to dry it (for example, with a radiator/hair dryer) as the fluctuating temperatures could cause the foam to degrade. Removing the foam is best avoided: it’s super durable inside its shell, but once removed it becomes very delicate. Much like a tortoise really.

Where to store it

Store your bouldering mat out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place (under your bed, behind a wardrobe or in your garage).

Avoid storing your mat in the back of your car, in a greenhouse or in a damp cellar.

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