Gifts For Swimmers

Gifts For Swimmers

Here are the best gifts for outdoor swimmers. If you've got a friend, family member, partner or lover who likes nothing more than slipping into cold, fresh water, you're in luck - here are loads of outdoor swimming gifts that'll hit spot this Christmas!.. Read more

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Coniston Swimming Cap

Silicone swimming cap for hydrodynamic outdoor swimming
Bundle price $6.99

Gourdon 30L

30-litre waterproof rucksack with mesh pockets for extra capacity
Was $59.99
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Bright tow float with waterproof pocket for open water swimming safety
Bundle price $49.99

DryDock 50L

Airline luggage friendly, with rucksack straps and waterproof construction.
Bundle price $99.99

Outdoor Swimming Gloves

Neoprene swimming gloves for chilly open water swimming
Bundle price $44.99

Outdoor Swimming Cap

Neoprene swimming cap to keep your head warm in icy waters
Bundle price $44.99

Gift Cards

We're all very particular about our outdoor gear and we've all got different gaps that need filling or kit in need of an upgrade. We're a gift buying nightmare. Unless...

Physical Gift cards are ideal to hand over in person or hang under a tree. If you are lucky you might even win yourself a hug.

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