Latest and Greatest: Camping and Equipment

Latest and Greatest: Camping and Equipment

Our favourite camping kit and outdoor equipment. Best-seller, new products and hidden gems that everyone should have. So get in there. There's something for everyone. Shop our latest and greatest camping and equipment products... Read more

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Aeronaut 2

Inflatable pole tent for bikepacking and backpacking: 2-person, 3-season, 1.5kg
Bundle price $279.99
  • Black
  • Chilli

Airlok Dual 20L

Large dual-ended handlebar dry bag: fully waterproof, 20L
Bundle price $22.49
  • Black
  • Chilli

Airlok Tapered 13L

Tapered saddle bag dry bag: fully waterproof, 13L
Was $22.49
  • Black
  • Chilli

Airo 120

Self-inflating sleeping mat: torso length, 2.5cm thick, 450g
Was $59.99

Airo 180

Self-inflating sleeping mat: full length, 2.5cm thick, 630g
Bundle price $74.99


Waterproof frame bag: lightweight, available in 3 sizes
Was $59.99

Arlo Trowel

Fold-up stainless steel camping trowel for digging holes
Bundle price $14.99
  • Chilli
  • Nemo

Artlu 10L

10-litre secure and stable running backpack with space for essential kit
Was $64.99
  • Tarmac
  • Chilli


Be safe, be seen with Blip
Was $12.49


High powered rechargeable torch, strong aluminium body with handlebar mount
Bundle price From $64.99

Carbonlong Backpacker Twins

150 cm poles for strength and load carrying over rough ground
Bundle price $69.99

Cloud Cover

Lightweight camping quilt. A versatile sleeping bag alternative: DownTek™ down fill
Was $149.99

Cloud Nine

Ultralight camping quilt. PipeDream technology in a wider, rectangular shape
Bundle price $259.99

Cutlery roll

Bamboo cutlery set for two in organic cotton roll
Bundle price $9.99


Lightweight, inflatable camping pillow for multi-day hikes and overnight stays
Bundle price $19.99


Rubber camping mallet for pegging out your tent
Was $7.99

EZ Sitter

Folding foam sit mat to keep your bum warm and dry on lunch stops
Was $14.99

EZ Sleeper

Ultralight, folding foam sleeping mat: full length, 1.7cm thick, 245g
Bundle price $34.99


Waterproof dual-ended handlebar bag: lightweight, 3L
Was $34.99

GNPDGT Beach Towel

100% cotton comfy and cosy beach towel
Bundle price $27.49
  • Black
  • Lego
  • Chilli

Gourdon 20L

20 litre Waterproof backpack with bungees and mesh pockets
From $44.99
Was $49.99
  • Black
  • Chilli
  • Lego

Gourdon 25L

25 litre roll-top waterproof dry bag backpack
Bundle price $54.99


1,800 lumen rechargeable MTB light for riding rough trails at speed
Was $139.99


Warm and weatherproof changing robe for before and after activity
Bundle price $119.99

Juice Cube

Universal plug adaptor, compatible in over 150 countries
Bundle price $27.49

Juice Holder

20,000mAh compact power bank for week-long charging
Was $49.99

Juice Tank

10,000mAh portable power bank for weekend charging
Bundle price $39.99

Kapar 2

Waterproof and windproof 2-person storm shelter
Bundle price $39.99

Kapar 4

Waterproof and windproof 4-person storm shelter
Bundle price $49.99


Rechargeable camping lantern with a magnetic back and hanging clip
Was $54.99

Lofting Bag

Organic cotton home storage bag for sleeping bags
Bundle price $12.49

Lotic Swimming Wetsuit [Mens]

Our best all-round wetsuit for outdoor swimming in open water
Bundle price $209.99

Lotic Swimming Wetsuit [Womens]

Our best all-round wetsuit for outdoor swimming in open water
Bundle price $209.99


Ultralight, silk sleeping bag liner weighing 108g for backpacking and travel
Was $79.99


Organic cotton sleeping bag liner for backpacking or travel
Was $39.99


Titanium French press coffee pot with a 750ml capacity
Bundle price $54.99


600ml titanium camping kettle
Bundle price $79.99

MytiMug 600

Ultralight titanium cooking pot, perfect for solo adventurers
Bundle price $39.99


600ml titanium camping frying pan
Bundle price $27.49

MytiPot 900

900 ml titanium cooking pot for soloists with large appetites
Bundle price $54.99

MytiStax 2

Titanium 2 piece cooking set: one pot, one pan
Bundle price $54.99

MytiStax 3

Titanium 3 piece cooking set with 2 pots and a pan
Bundle price $119.99
  • Flo Orange
  • Reef
  • Rocket


Bright tow float with waterproof pocket for open water swimming safety
Bundle price $39.99

Orion 45L

Lightweight 45 litre mountaineering pack for carrying heavy kit
Bundle price $119.99

Outdoor Swimming Cap

Neoprene swimming cap to keep your head warm in icy waters
Bundle price $44.99

Outdoor Swimming Gloves

Neoprene swimming gloves for chilly open water swimming
Bundle price $44.99

Outdoor Swimming Socks

Neoprene swimming socks for chilly open water swimming
Bundle price $49.99
  • Nemo
  • Chilli

Presta 25L

25 litre multi-activity daypack, lightweight, stable and streamlined
Was $74.99


450 lumen waterproof head torch with a 3 hour burn time
Was $54.99


580 lumen USB rechargeable head torch with focus beam control
Bundle price $49.99

Refresher 1000

1000ml double walled stainless-steel bottle
Bundle price $19.99

Refresher 350

350ml double walled stainless-steel bottle
Bundle price $14.99

Refresher 500

500ml double walled stainless-steel bottle
Bundle price $17.49
  • Kelp
  • Chilli

Rig 3.5

Siliconised ripstop nylon tarp with 16 hypalon attachment points
Bundle price $94.99
  • Chilli
  • Kelp

Rig 7

30d siliconised ripstop nylon tarp, the ultimate lightweight shelter for backpackers
Bundle price $149.99

Rucksack Cover

Waterproof rucksack cover in three different sizes
Bundle price From $14.99