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Save boot space and cook in comfort: collapsible camping chairs and tables, non-stick pans and our biggest, baddest stove

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Why squat over a backpacking stove when everything you need to cook in comfort easily fits into your car boot. Settle into your collapsible Vagabond chairs, fold out the Vagabond Table for a stable cooking and chopping surface, pop up your Landar stove with its large burn head and get your non-stick Vagabond pan set on the boil. Spot on.

Vagabond Table: Somewhere to chop, fry and stir without crouching and hunching... actually, just somewhere to rest your drink without fear of losing half of it - such simple pleasures. 60cm high, 50x50cm wide and collapsing down flat into a car boot-friendly 60x18cm, the humble Vagabond table makes all the difference

Vagabond Chair (x2): Reclining in comfort until the light goes or sitting around the campfire, mug in hand, the Vagabond Chairs are always worth chucking in. Weighing under a kilogram and folding down into a bag that’s no bigger than a couple of water bottles end on end, there should be plenty of room for that extra bit of camping luxury. The perfect height for the Vagabond table too.

Vagabond Pan Set: You’re not huddling in a remote bothy having carried all your kit in, so why restrict yourself to a miserable pot noodle?! With two frying pans (that double up as lids), and two cooking pots (1.3L and 2L), the durable Vagabond cookset provides everything you need to turn campsite chef. The heavy-duty pan handle is strong enough to lift a full pan of water and the non-stick aluminium pans nest neatly together.

Landar: The Landar makes its slow descent, unfolding its legs and pot supports, burn head ready, piezo igniter primed... the stove is operational! With a large, powerful stove ring and fine gas control, the 800g Landar is the perfect stove for more complex campsite cooking. The tripod legs provide plenty of stability, with two sizes of pot supports and it collapses down neatly when finished.


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