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You enjoyed our Wet and Wild Underground caving activity but you just can't stop thinking what's around that next corner. Enjoy an extended caving trip for those with previous caving experience, exploring the deep and dark caverns of the Peak District.

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BSO Go Deeper Underground BSO Go Deeper Underground BSO Go Deeper Underground BSO Go Deeper Underground BSO Go Deeper Underground
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What to Expect:

Be prepared to get wet and dirty!
The joy of caving lays in discovery, there is always something else to see, a new cavern, bizare rock formations or under ground water falls. This half-day session will take you past the tourist chambers and into the realm of the true caver. It is darker down there, the gaps are smaller, a labarinthian world where the mysteries greater!

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What to Bring:

Your instructor will provide you with a caving suit, helmet, torch and boots.

- Dress warmly, it gets chilly underground!
- Wear long sleeves and trousers
- Bring a jumper
- Any personal medication
- Leave valuables at home

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Essential Information:

Minimun Age: 14
Course Provider: Thornbridge Outdoors
Student / Instructor Ratio: 8:1
Start/Finish: Thornbridge Outdoors
Transport: Return minibus transfers from Thornbridge Outdoors included
Meeting Times & Logistics:
Please meet at the School of Adventure Meeting Point at least 15 minutes before the course starting time to find your guide, prep your equipment and ensure a timely departure. Any delay in departure will shorten the group’s experience so latecomers will be left behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

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