BSO Outdoor Photography: DSLR


Frustrated by the same old images that don’t really capture what you saw or come anywhere close to describing the outdoor adventure? Join UK based photographer and photojournalist Alex Ekins to learn the skills and techniques necessary to give your work direction and see if you have what it takes to become an outdoor photojournalist or photographer!

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BSO Outdoor Photography: DSLR BSO Outdoor Photography: DSLR BSO Outdoor Photography: DSLR
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What to Expect:

Record the significant moments, document unfolding news, capture the stories of those attending the event. Alex will help you along your way in to the world of photography and photojournalism.
​Good photojournalism is more than just knowing your f.stops from your compression ratios so don’t worry about getting bogged down by technicalities, this session is more about being able to capture and communicate stories and experiences.

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What to Bring:

DSLR: You must bring your own camera (flash and lens) and if possible your own laptop. Although there is no reason you cannot use a compact camera you will get the most from this course with a DSLR.

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Essential Information:

Minimun Age: 16
Course Provider: Alex Ekins
Student / Instructor Ratio: 6:1
Location: Thornbridge Outdoors
Transport: None required
Meeting Times & Logistics:
Please meet at the School of Adventure Meeting Point at least 10 minutes before the course starting time to find your guide and ensure a timely start.

Frequently Asked Questions

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