Building Better Belays


19th September

Join us in this workshop for those who are getting started in climbing outdoors and want to improve their belay and rigging skills on Yorkshire Rock.

This course is brought to you by Pure Outdoor and the Alpkit Foundation to give more people the skills and the means to Go Nice Places and Do Good Things. All courses are led by qualified instructors.

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Building Better Belays Building Better Belays Building Better Belays Building Better Belays Building Better Belays Building Better Belays Building Better Belays Building Better Belays
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What to Expect:

This climbing course is an ideal starting point for those who have embarked on their journey of learning to climb outdoors and want to refine their belay building and rigging skills. Ilkley grit is some of the best and most accessible rock in the UK which means our experienced instructors can always find the right location and level of challenge for you. Take your climbing to the next level with the support and guidance of our instructors who will be ready to sharpen your skills and equip you with the tools to get you building better belays.

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What to Bring:

All technical equipment provided, bring rock shoes if you have them. If not, they are available to hire (free of charge)

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Essential Information:

Minimun Age: 16
Course Provider: Pure Outdoor
Student / Instructor Ratio: 6:1
Start/Finish: Alpkit Ilkley, Station Road, Ilkley, LS29 8HF
Meeting Times & Logistics:
Please meet at Alpkit Ilkley at least 15 minutes before the course starting time to meet your guide, prep your equipment and ensure a timely departure. Any delay in departure will shorten the group’s experience.