The Hiplok DX lock is a Sold Secure Gold-rated D lock that’s light for its strength, at 1.09kg, and super easy to carry.

As with the rest of their locks, Hiplok have reduced weight and increased portability without compromising on security. A simple clip on the back of the lock slips easily over belts and bag straps.

The Hiplok DX uses a double dead lock with anti-rotation locking. This lock, combined with the hardened steel casing and 14mm thick shackle, provides maximum security when leaving your bike out of sight. The DX has been awarded the maximum Gold rating by Sold Secure, the independent security experts.

Providing a 15cm x 8.5cm locking area the DX has a rubberised outer coating to protect your bike’s precious paint job. It also comes with a 2m steel braid cable (not Sold Secure-rated) to attach to your wheels, offering an additional deterrent to potential thieves.

The D Lock comes with three coded and replaceable keys, and Hiplok provide a Lifetime Warranty.


Key Features

  • Double dead lock and anti-rotation locking are rated Gold by Sold Secure
  • Premium hardened steel casing and 14mm thick shackle is tough to break
  • 2m steel braid cable (not Sold Secure-rated) for locking up wheels
  • Compact, weight-saving design with belt clip is super easy to carry
  • Rubberised outer coating to protect frames and paint jobs
  • Three coded and replaceable keys
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Premium hardened steel
Rubberised nylon coating


Lock diameter:14mm
Locking area:15cm X 8.5cm




The Details