Insulated Running Combo Bundle [Womens]

​Running isn’t just about the fair-weather excursions. In fact, it’s one of those activities where you’re creating enough of your own warmth to appreciate the cold days, to step out into a brisk morning where you can see your breath, safe in the knowledge that you will warm up as soon as you get going. Don’t even get us started on the joys of bounding through fresh snow!

We’ve put together this bundle for staying comfortable in just such conditions without having to change your layers round every 5 minutes. Koulin Trail Tights give you good coverage when you’re chilly, but breathe and wick away the moisture wonderfully when you get into the swing of things. The Kepler top uses merino wool’s natural thermoregulatory properties to keep you warm across a whole range of temperatures, whilst the breathable yet wind resistant Morphosis jacket, with zoned gridded fleece for insulation in all the right places. To top it all off, a pair of Akcelerate socks will keep your feet comfy.