Pre-dawn starts driving to the mountains, rubbing sleep from your eyes and powered only by coffee; clutching a mug of tea while you wait for your breakfast to heat up, stove sputtering as it burns through the morning dew...

We can probably all agree that there’s ‘nowt’ worse than a hot beverage which has ceased to be a hot beverage and has transitioned rapidly and unexpectedly into a distinctly lukewarm beverage. A moment of contemplation please for all the forgotten cups of tea, poured mercilessly down the sink, never to fulfill their potential.

Don’t worry, the insulated Kelvin mug is here to save hot drinks at campsites across the land from their grim and inevitable fate. Made from super lightweight yet tough titanium the Kelvin uses a twin wall construction to keep your hot drinks warm for longer. A silicone rubber cap adds extra insultation and has an in-built drinking spout so you can sip easily from it without losing any of that precious heat. Never rush a hot chocolate again.

Note: this mug is not designed to be used on a stove. Doing so could be potentially dangerous so don't do it!


Key Features

  • Twin wall insulation keeps your hot drinks warm for longer
  • Silicone rubber lid with drinking spout is BPA-free, tasteless and a poor thermal conductor
  • Exceptionally lightweight for a double wall mug due to the titanium construction
  • Narrower base than previous Kelvin designs to fit into more cup holders
  • Completely plastic-free and titanium is an inert and recyclable material
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Weight: 167 g Size: ø85 x 135 mm Capacity: 450 ml


Materials: Titanium, silicone

Origin: China

Sustainability & Care


Why titanium? Titanium is one of the most abundant elements on earth. Lightweight and very very strong. It is super inert - this is a benefit environmentally as it is recyclable plus its resistance to corrosion means it doesn’t pollute air, land and oceans. But it also makes for superb cookware as there’s no metallic taste. Note: this mug is not designed to be used on a stove. Doing so could be potentially dangerous so don’t do it!

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Titanium construction makes this an exceptionally light mug despite holding nearly a pint of your favourite drink
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Keep it Piping Hot. Super-light and tough; holds 450ml of soup or tea


Kelvin in action