Lightweight Backpacking Cook Set

When you are out in the hills, you want something reliable and lightweight to ensure that you don’t go hungry. This bundle combines our best selling stove with an aluminium pan set and windshield and saves you over 15%!

The AliPots are spacious enough to give some flexibility to what you cook; perhaps you prefer to go with the ultra quick and easy Extreme Foods or a simple vegetable stew. Or perhaps you prefer to go for something a little more lavish such as a mini full English fry-up or even a camp cheesecake. Whatever your camp cooking style is, this bundle will get you out doing it.

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Koro: A high powered camping stove suitable for mountaineering in subzero conditions and made out of titanium to save weight.

AliPots: A simple aluminium pan set which deserves a place on any extended camping trip. Durable with a generous pan capacity from which you can serve up a feast.

Concertina: 9 leaf aluminium windshield to increase the efficiency of your stove in windy conditions.

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