Open water swimming requires buoyancy, freedom of movement and insulation - a combination you just don't get in a standard wetsuit. Designed in collaboration with industry guru Dean Jackson, Lotic has been designed to meet these demands with open water and adventure swimming in mind.

Buoyancy helps the swimmer to move swiftly and efficiently through the water. We have calibrated the buoyancy levels in the Lotic to enhance the swimming experience. 3.5 mm at the back with 2.5 mm on the leg and butt to give extra lift in the lower body and put you in a better swimming position. This increases speed by reducing the frontal drag of the wetsuit and reduces leg fatigue so that you can swim further - but you don't need to remember all of that while you swim!

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Freedom of movement, particularly in the shoulders, assists your stroke and reduces fatigue. 2 mm arm pit and 2.5 mm chest and shoulder panels give unrestricted upper body movement. 1.5 mm on the collar and cuffs aid fit and comfort whilst also preventing water flow through the suit.

As you propel yourself through the water drag is further reduced by the Glideskin neoprene. Making up the majority of the suits surface area it streamlines Lotics movement through the water and give it excellent dirt and water repellency. Glideskin also reduces heat conduction from the body increasing warmth over standard neoprene.

The wrists, ankles, shoulders and neck feature flashes of red for better visibility.

Access to and from the suit is via a deep back zipper with lanyard to ensure you can get in and out by yourself. A nylon skin covers the lower leg for durability at your entry and exit points

Lotic offers the best compromise between flexibility and buoyancy for swimmers regardless of ability.

See the Lotic in action in Katie Tunn's Mountain Short film. Here's the trailer:

Katie Tunn Trailer from Alpkit on Vimeo.

The Lotic also comes in a Men's specific fit.

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Key Features

  • Distributed buoyancy for a more natural swimming stroke
  • Glideskin where you need it for increased swimming performance
  • Neoprene where you need it for durability
  • Glideskin outer for reduced friction and easier maintenance
  • High flexibility around shoulders for unrestricted arm movement
  • Red flashes at wrists and ankles for visibilty
  • Abrasion resistant nylon on high wear points
  • Integrated pouch for valuables
  • Proven in UK waters from 8ºC
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Small - 4'10" to 5'3" and 49-55 kg Medium - 5'0" to 5'6" and 53-60 kg Large - 5'5' to 5'11" and 63-70 kg Short and Strong - 5'2" to 5'9" and 63-70 kg Tall and Strong - 5'5" to 5'11" and 66-75 kg

Panel construction

Care guidance

Origin: United Kingdom

Upper body
Neck Nylon face Neoprene 2.5 mm
Chest Glideskin 2.5 mm core temperature retention
Back Glideskin 3.5 mm core temperature retention
Shoulder Glideskin 2 mm arm movement
Armpit panel Standard Neoprene 2 mm freedom of movement
Lower Sleeve Cuff Nylon faced Neoprene 1.5 mm durability and comfort
Lower body
Butt Glideskin 2.5 mm durability and core temperature retention