Love Mud Volution Dynamo Wheelset

You’re adventure-ready: frame-bag packed, chain oiled, helmet on – nothing can stop you! Ah hang on, maybe nightfall and a flat light battery might… Gosh-darn you were so nearly there!

Anyone with a taste for adventure will understand the benefits of a modern dynamo hub: as long as you’re pedalling, you’ll be generating power to charge your batteries, run your GPS, or illuminate your ride through the night with an 800-lumen light, day after day after day after… you get it.

Just because you have an adventurous side, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a taste for convenience too. This Juice upgrade eliminates the hassle of lacing up a dynamo hub into your wheel. Once Bike Guru Neil has done the fiddly bit, you can just add a convertor, find an adventure, and cut your ties to plug sockets and the national grid.

Love Mud Volution

Lightweight and durable with all the benefits of bigger tyres, Volution is a 650b Road Plus, tubeless compatible gravel wheelset that gives you more traction, less vibration, and a smoother ride. 

The rear hub is supplied with a Shimano standard freehub or SRAM XD Driver. As supplied, it can be run on bolt-through setups, but you can adapt it for QR setups if you prefer: just ask us to throw in some QR adapters when you make your order.

Love Mud Juice Hub

A highly efficient, low drag device with a 6V / 3W output. Tested down to -20˚C, durable, and lightweight it’s suitable for tackling extreme conditions on road, cross, and mountain bikes. Convert via a USB charger for a reliable DC current.