"Do you hammock?"
"Excuse me?"
"Are you a hammocker?"
"A what?!"
"Oh come on, let's go hammocking!"

The Mora bundle contains everything you need for year-round hammocking with a underquilt for the cooler months and a bug net for midge season! The vicious little blighters...

Lightweight one-person hammock with simple to attach hanging straps. Compact pack-size and comfier alternative to bivvying. 515g (including the straps)

Mora Underquilt
Insulated layer that hangs beneath your hammock to reduce heat loss. Damp-proof insulation and a water-repellent fabric for all-weather camping

Mora Bug Net
Mesh insect net to hang around your hammock, keeping out midgies, mozzies and too-many-legsies. Universal hanging system fits all hammocks


Key Features

  • Lightweight and compact camping hammock with 150kg load capacity
  • Durable 1000D polyester webbing straps and 6061 Alloy carabiners
  • Underquilt with damp-proof insulation and a water-repellent outer fabric
  • Underquilt keeps your bum warm and is more comfortable than a sleeping mat
  • Durable, long-lasting insulation and outer quilt fabric
  • Easy to attach bug net slots over your hammock lines with drawstrings
  • Zipped bug net entrance can be set up on either side
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Origin: China


The Details