Out There

The world is criss-crossed by paths and trails, and it would come as no surprise to us if we were to find Chris Townsends boot prints on most of them.

Within these two, thin, paper covers Chris has captured a lifetime of experience. Having hiked and explored the world's trails and wild places for over 40 years he has had plenty of time for quiet contemplation.

This delightful read starts off by describing the early inspirations that launched him out on his own backpacking adventures and ultra-distance hikes. These adventures are described with truthful passion before he pulls it back to reflect on the visionary people who have devoted their lives to protecting our planet. As well as describing his adventures this book reflects his deep concerns for the environment and how important it is for us to protect it.

Chris Townsend is a long distance walker, photographer and author of many, many books about the outdoors. He is also gear correspondent for the Great Outdoors magazine.