Rig Tarp Bundle

Rig: the staple of many kit lists and recipient of many glowing reviews due to its built-in versatility, low weight and durability. Rig can be utilised in a numerous array of situations and set ups.

Used as protection from the rain during a bivvy, shelter on the beach, extension of tent/ van camp space or as a roof for snow holes. Used by backpackers, DofE students, gap year students, bikepackers, adventure travellers, car campers, climbers and kayakers. The applications of Rig 7 are as bountiful as your imagination. This bundle gives you everything you need to set the Rig up in multiple configurations.

Rig 7: The 8 lift points across the face of the tarp and the 16 edge tie-downs allow the Rig 7 to be pitched in an almost limitless number of configurations.

Fredd 5: Supple utility cord with 5mm diameter which has great handling to make it easy to tie and secure.

Candy Canes: Pack of 10 aluminium tent pegs

Clippers: Set of 5 shiny red and grey clips, great for holding things together.