Ultra Marathon Equipment Bundle

Long runs produce magical moments sometimes: fleeting periods of pure elation when you realise, endorphins pumping, that you can keep on running. You’ve got miles and miles in the legs still, what’s another 5, 10, 15 kilometres?!

Running self-supported over long distances is a different kettle of fish though: you need to carry some spare layers, maybe some emergency kit and definitely some spare food and water. Customer Support Hero Amanda takes new potatoes, crisps and flat coke on ultramarathons (that’s when she remembers not to just pack sweets!)


All that kit fits neatly into the 10L Artlu running vest. With oodles of accessible pockets to distribute weight around your body, pole attachments and a conforming fit to reduce movement, it’s ideal for long training runs and ultra races.

Carbon Marathon Ultra Twins

And you sometimes need a helping hand when your legs have given up, or the inclines keep coming. The Carbon Marathon Ultras are a lightweight folding pole packing down to 37cm in length and weighing just 205 g.