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WTB Horizon TCS
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The Horizon Road Plus tire gives you smooth rolling, plus-size traction on adventurous terrain.

This chunky tyre has a smooth centerline for flat line speed and an all-weather herringbone pattern with cornering channels for grip on the dirt and in the wet. The high-volume provides satisfyingly svelte performance on the road, but it’s only when you take it on the dirt you will get the full enjoyment this tyre brings.

This tyre is a firm favourite of ours when fitted to a Camino, but you can also fit them to your road bike if you have the width - the overall diameter stays the same as a 700 x 28 - 30mm road tire.

Ride it on tarmac, take it to the dirt as well. Creating a new riding experience, regardless of where your exploits lead you.


Key Features

Origin: China