Pete McNeil

Pete is a Mountain Bike Guide, Bike Adventurer, Racer, and Expedition Leader with over 16 years experience of working in the Outdoor Industry. He has worked as a Mountain Bike Guide in the UK, Spain, Nepal and NZ and as an expedition leader he's worked with youth groups all over the world. Since being inspired to get out on his own adventures at the tender age of twelve he has embarked on countless ambitious personal challenges and expeditions in a vast array of environments; from Scotland to Nepal, Lesotho to Patagonia. Not least in cycling from the UK to New Zealand with his wife Alice as their honeymoon... In recent years he has also been a successful self-supported bikepacking racer, finishing at the pointy end of some of the world’s toughest off-road bike races; including both the HT550 and Silk Road Mountain Race.

Pete has an infectious enthusiasm for getting out and having adventures, whether big or small, and even more so for inspiring and facilitating others to do the same. He achieves this through public speaking events, facilitating workshops, writing, film-making, guiding and coaching courses. In setting up his own company 'Adventure Pedlars' in 2015 Pete has built a strong brand through a range of social media platforms, brand marketing campaigns, events, successful media relations, excellent customer service and positive word of mouth.

With an approach that couples his extensive experience, knowledge and skill-set with a down-to-earth pragmatism and humility; he firmly believes that the best way to inspire others through adventure (and perhaps in doing so helping to address some of the world’s more fundamental problems) is not in over-dramatising tales of ‘daring do’ but in presenting challenges, achievable to all, that inspire a first step into a lifetime of adventure.