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Custom-made bikepacking bags

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Long lasting, repairable and ultimately recyclable outdoor gear. Technical. Ethical. Sustainable.

400 lumen rechargeable waterproof head torch that's durable and easy to operate
$49.99 $59.99
Heat it and eat it, a 585 g integrated cooking system
$64.99 $79.99
Innovative air pole tent great for bikepacking and hiking trips: 1-person, 3-season, 1.2kg
$179.99 $209.99
Lightweight and fast-drying trousers for warm weather hiking
$54.99 $74.99
Ultralight, silk-feel from 100% recycled fabrics and Polygeine®
$44.99 $54.99
Ultralight pyramid tarp tent for backpacking: 2-person, 3-season, as light as 500g
$199.99 $239.99
Ultralight, silk-feel from 100% recycled fabrics and Polygeine®
$39.99 $49.99
Lightweight, quick-dry zip-off walking trousers for variable summer temperatures
$49.99 $79.99

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