Kit Goes On

Kit Goes On

By Alex Guerrero>

The kit you love is the kit you use the most. The more ambitious our adventures, and the more frequently we get out there – the more strain this puts on our gear.

Since 2004, we've been fixing and repairing gear in our stores. We don't just repair Alpkit stuff. We carry out repairs across all outdoor brands, giving us unique insights into what breaks the most, which materials stand the test of time, and what hardware to avoid for a longer lifespan. We're on a mission to reduce waste and extend the life of your gear. After all, the longer your kit lasts, the better it is for the planet.

We're not just repairing your gear; we're equipping you with the tools to do it yourself. All our sleeping pads and tents come with repair kits, and we're constantly looking for ways to reduce wear and tear. Right now, we're working on replacing plastic rivets with more durable bolts, and we're removing glued components where possible to ensure we're replacing parts, not products.

We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our customers and suppliers. We work directly with the factories manufacturing our products to source materials for repairs, ensuring that the repaired item looks as good as new.

Hiker wearing a LED headtorch

There's no hiding from the fact that the clothing industry is hurting the planet. From day one, we've been committed to creating a business and products that minimise environmental harm, give back to the community, and inspire others to go nice places and do good things. Designing with repairability in mind drastically improves lifespan and avoids unnecessary waste in landfill.

But repairing gear is not just about sustainability; it's about the inherent value of extending a product's life through maintenance and repair. Your gear is an extension of you, empowering you to do more and go further. That's why we're committed to designing products for repairability, iterating quickly to ensure we're constantly increasing the lifespan of our products.

So gear up, get outside, and trust that your gear will take you where you need to go. With Alpkit, you're only one step away from the product design team, and we're always here to help you get the most out of your gear.

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