Hack Patch and Sew

Hack Patch and Sew

By David Hanney

Hack Patch and Sew

Gear needing a little pick-me-up? We repair all brands, all products and have become quite the experts in the range of repairs we do and spares we stock. Get in touch and we'll do the best we can.

It is our belief that the products you love most,the ones you use and abuse year-in and year-out, are ultimately the most environmentally friendly:gear you repair, fix, hack and sew. This is why we repair all our products andany other brand too and have done since 2004.

Drop it off at any of our stores or contact us onlineto be patched up by our repair team. There may be a small charge for the repair, check out theprice listfor more information. If yourgear’s really in a pickle, we may send it to our experienced factory team to take a look at.

Click here for store locations and our repairs price list.

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