Five of our Favourite Continuum Donations

Five of our Favourite Continuum Donations

By Alex Guerrero

Circular economy. Recycling. Hand-me-downs. Whatever you want to call it, the Continuum Project is our way of getting unloved kit outdoors. Letting it live out its destiny. This is how we use Continuum Project donations.

Circular economy. Recycling. Hand-me-downs. Whatever you want to call it, Continuum is our way of getting unloved kit outdoors. Letting it live out its destiny. No tent wants to be stuffed away in a cupboard and never see the light of day (or is it the dark of night?). Donate us your unwanted kit and we’ll pass it on to those who need it most, upcycle it or recycle it. Nothing will go to landfill. Here’s a few ways we use your donations.

A Brief Overview

  1. Thomas Theyer Foundation
  2. Manna House
  3. Dirtbags Climbing
  4. Care4Calais
  5. Nottingham Bikeworks

Thomas Theyer Foundation

Thomas Theyer Foundation Shop

Thomas Theyer was diagnosed with dyspraxia and attention deficit disorder when he was in primary school. He found joy in running every day. And it improved his gross motor skills, including his hyper flexibility. He loved being active and getting outdoors.
After he died, aged 18, his parents wanted to do something good in his name. Chris and Alan Theyer set up the Thomas Theyer Foundation in 2013. It supports children and young people with additional needs, as well as their families and carers. They know just how beneficial physical exercise can be. Especially outdoors. That’s why they set up their charity shop in Buxton, selling outdoor kit to raise awareness about and money for their charitable work.

Thomas Theyer Foundation and the Continuum Project

The Continuum Project have provided clothes, rucksacks, walking boots and walking poles to the Thomas Theyer Foundation. Almost everything flies out the shop. It’s a great way to keep the outdoors at an accessible price for all, whilst supporting the incredible work the Foundation do.

Manna House

Manna House is a supportive community for the homeless and vulnerably housed in South Lakeland. They advise, advocate and meet the physical, social and emotional needs of people who are vulnerable, lonely or need help. They deliver material assistance, support and learning opportunities.

What has been provided to you through the Continuum Project? And what difference has this made to your organisation?

“Manna House were really delighted to have such a generous donation from Alpkit! The jackets and cold weather gear were easy to give away, as all of our service users liked the look and feel of them. Being homeless is pretty uncomfortable so having waterproof breathable items to wear is more essential than most of us realise. Unfortunately, we do not have any photos because our guys aren’t too keen to be identified, but please know it has meant a lot to many of them to be able to have new and good-looking clothes to wear.” – Andrea Aldridge, Chief Officer at Manna House

Dirtbags Climbing

Dirtbags Climbing Products

Dirtbags Climbing are independent upcyclers and designers. And they want to protect their playground. That’s why they repurpose old wetsuits, climbing gear, rucksacks and more to keep outdoor textiles and plastic waste from going to landfill. Their independently designed products reflect their love for the outdoors and encourage the industry to reduce, reuse and recycle.

What has been provided to you through the Continuum Project? And what difference has this made to your organisation?

“Being involved with the Continuum Project has helped our upcycling business greatly. Any materials which aren't suitable for the other organisations or things which are broken beyond repair come to us... We love seeing what is next to arrive, and we love getting inventive to see how we can prevent these materials ending up in landfill. Upcycling is a brilliant way to use textiles bound for the bin as it doesn't involve chemically altering the fabric, like recycling sometimes does: it is much more environmentally friendly. Plus. everything we make is made onsite and allows us to provide jobs for local people here, in Kendal.” - Jen Wood, Dirtbags Climbing

Care 4 Calais

Care4Calais is a volunteer run charity. It provides warm clothing, bedding, food and medical assistance to refugees living in the UK, Northern France and Belgium. They raise awareness and educate about the refugee crisis. Care4Calais provide social and emotional support to people living in the worst conditions who are not even allowed a tent.

Care4Calais and the Continuum Project

The Continuum Project has provided sleeping bags and tents to Care4Calais, to provide shelter to the people who need it most. To keep the refugees warm, they also receive insulated coats and warm clothing.

Nottingham Bikeworks

Based in the heart of the city, Nottingham Bikeworks is a not-for-profit community interest company. They provide training and education. Sell used bikes and parts. Repair and service bikes. And the proceeds from the independent bike shop go towards their community projects. They do a Build-a-Bike courses for refugees, schools and Jobseekers as well as projects for people with mental health difficulties and projects targeted towards younger people.

Nottingham Bikeworks and the Continuum Project

Nottingham Bikeworks have received cycling based products like rain jackets, warm tops, cycling shorts and bikepacking bags. This equipment gets people set up to go cycling who could not otherwise afford it. For some of the community projects, like the mental health bike rides, the free cycling kit means riders are well equipped to discover cycling and find community and social support at the same time.

How can I help?

Let’s boycott landfill. Together.
Send us your pre-loved outdoor clothing and equipment. It will be donated to people who need it most or upcycled into something new and extra snazzy. Everything else will be recycled. Absolutely nothing will go to landfill.

What can I donate?

You can donate any outdoor clothing or equipment (except your underwear!). It must be in good, clean, functional condition.

How do I donate to the Continuum Project?

You’ve got three options.

  1. In each of our eight stores – Ambleside, Keswick, Edinburgh, Metrocentre, Ilkley, Hathersage, Bristol and Betws-y-Coed – we have a donation box for the Continuum Project.
  2. Leave it with our friends at the Climbing Unit in Derby.
  3. Post your donations to us. Fill in the Continuum Project Donation Form and send us the items to the address below.

Alpkit Global HQ
Units 12 - 14 Oak House
Moorgreen Industrial Park
Engine Lane
NG16 3QU

If needed, you can use our free Royal Mail Tracked service. But this is a charitable campaign and postage costs money! If you do make use of this service, we would welcome a donation to the Alpkit Foundation.

If using our free returns system, please make sure to type "Continuum" in the order number field, you can create a shipping label for your donation on the Royal Mail website.

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