April's Sewing Stories

April's Sewing Stories

By Alex Guerrero

Extend your gear's life from 3 to 5 years and cut your carbon footprint by 40%! Our Repair Heroes create brilliant solutions to make your equipment better.

If you extend the life of your gear from 3 years to 5 years, you will reduce your carbon footprint by 40%. That’s huge! And it’s not just better for the environment. You could end up with something even better, thanks to the genius of our Repair Heroes. They whip up some fantastic solutions. Their talents range from the simple jobs – zip repairs and patches – to the big ones. Like number 5 on today’s list.

Keeping Vintage Going Longer

man wearing vintage rucksack

Sometimes we’re not doing wacky repairs. Sometimes it’s just zips, zips, zips. But even a simple zip repair keeps one more piece of kit that’s going for longer. That’s exactly the case here. Repair Hero Monika in Edinburgh redid a vintage rucksack last month.

A Funky Filoment

before picture zip repair
after picture zip repair

Another zip. And this time a funky one. The team at Bristol spiced up this customer’s Filoment down jacket with a stand-out zip. We love it! And not just because it’s on an Alpkit jacket.

Chair Repair

bespoke camping chair

This isn’t your typical repair. Hathersage Repair Hero Chris made a chair. Yes - he made a chair! The customer was going to buy a new version of his old camping chair. But first he wanted to know if we could make one ourselves. It’s complete with poles and buckles to secure it.

Bristol Fire Patch

fire patch on katabatic alpkit jacket

Coming in hot (sorry, not sorry) we have a simple patch job from Bristol. Our Bristol Repair Hero Abi had fun with a customer’s heat patch. Normally customers like something quite discreet. But here, Abi got to experiment with a jazzy patch on a customer’s Katabatic.

A New Life

endura cycling jacket
dry bag backpack

Ilkley Repair Hero Charlotte has continued the next round of our ‘Guess the Repair’ game. She turned a customer’s old cycling jacket into a bespoke dry bag rucksack. She’s not just extending the life of that jacket. She’s giving it a whole new life.

What Now?

If you have any well-loved kit in desperate need of repairing, hand it into any of our eight stores or chat to our lovely repair heroes in Hathersage, Keswick, Edinburgh, Betws-y-Coed, Ilkley and Bristol.

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