Outdoor Electronics

Outdoor Electronics

Go Further. Explore more. Get lost in the outdoors with the knowledge you can stay powered and stay connected. Solar chargers. Power banks. Dynamo hubs. Everything you need to power your adventures... Read more

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Thin, light and waterproof folding USB solar panel
Bundle price $49.99

Juice Tank

10,000mAh portable power bank for weekend charging
Bundle price $39.99

Juice Holder

20,000mAh compact power bank for week-long charging
Bundle price $44.99

Juice Cube

Universal plug adaptor, compatible in over 150 countries
Bundle price $39.99

Juice Boost

5,000mAh portable power bank for overnight charging
Bundle price $19.99

Flat Stanley

Slim and lightweight folding plug with USB charging port
Bundle price $8.99


Rechargeable bluetooth speaker and camping lantern
Bundle price $44.99


Flexible USB-powered LED light strip for camping
Bundle price $19.99


Rechargeable camping lantern with output to recharge mobile phones
Bundle price $49.99

Love Mud Juice

Super smooth 6V/3W dynamo disc hub for running your lights and recharging your batteries on the move
Bundle price $99.99

Helping to Power your Adventures

Going off-grid can be an amazing experience. Peaceful. Liberating. And sometimes absolutely necessary.

Safety in the mountains has to come first. Keep a battery pack for backup. Keep your lights charged. And have peace of mind that you're prepared for anything.

All our electronics are backed by a 3 year Alpine Bond guarantee.