Illuminate your night with Lampray. 200 lumens of light is splayed from this little guy, and his small small size make makes him easy to stow in your bag ready to brighten up gloomy day.

Lampray has a few tricks up his sleeve too. Not only is he rechargable via USB, but he can charge up your phone as well!

Lampray comprises of an attachment clip to allow for easy attachment inside a tent, on a tarp, a tree or even on a portaledge half way up a bigwall. But even better than that, Lampray includes a sturdy internal magnet for attaching to vans, cars, beams and any other metal-ware.


Key Features

  • Magnetic base and clip for easy attaching
  • Charging station for your phone
  • Rechargeable with USB
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Bulb: 1 x Cree LED (not regulated) Lighting distance: 14 m Waterproof: IPX5

Brightness / Burntime

Lighting: High: 200 lm / 8 h Mid: 100 lm / 12 h Low: 10 lm / 110 h Strobe


Power: 3300mAH Li-polymer battery Charge time: 5 hrs

Charging Station

iPhone charging time: 3 hours


Weight: 146 g Size: ⌀6.5 cm x 5 cm

Origin: China

Lampray in Outdoor Fitness Mag

An innovative and extremely useful accessory for any overnight adventure or camping trip...

OM Reviews 2016/17 New Product

immediately impressive


The Details

Lampray in action