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There’s always at least one device that runs out of juice just when plug sockets become a distant memory. The Juice Boost provides enough charge to charge most phones twice over.

  • Carries enough charge for overnight trips
  • Lightweight and slim for easy packing
  • Integrated USB leads saves on cables

Using a single 5,000mAh cell with closed circuitry, the Juice Boost provides safe, stable and reliable power to a wide range of electronic devices. With micro-USB and USB-C cables, plus a Lightning adaptor, the Juice Boost is compatible with: Android, Samsung and Apple Phones, head torches, GPS devices and watches.

Housed in a durable ABS plastic body, the Juice Boost is neat and slim enough to slide into the tightest of packing spaces. Integrated cables and adaptors mean you don’t have to carry multiple different cables with you in addition to a power bank.

The Juice Boost is compatible with the Juice Hub dynamo and will also charge via the Flare solar panel. ‘Pass-thru’ charging allows you to charge both the Juice Boost and your device simultaneously – ideal for if you’ve got limited time (or sunshine!) to charge your devices. You can also charge two devices at once.


Key Features

  • Ideal amount of charge for overnighters (Should charge most phones 2x times)
  • Slim, light, and durable ABS plastic body for easy packing
  • 1x 5,000mAh cell provide stable power transfer, losing less charge
  • Can be charged whilst charging your device (pass-thru charging)
  • 2x integrated USB output leads to charge multiple devices at once
  • Closed circuitry provides safe and reliable power for all devices
  • Will charge a huge range of devices with three different connectors
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Phone Charging time: iPhone (2700mAh) = 2x (in perfect conditions)
Battery Charging time: Approx. 3 hours
Battery Cycle Lifetime: 500 cycles


Battery: 5,000mAh , 18.5Wh, 3.7v Li-Poly
Cells: 1x 5,000maAh cell
Input: 1x Input (Micro: 5v=2.1A)
Output: 2x Output Leads 5v=2.1A (Micro USB / USB-C) and Lightning Adapter


Li-Poly battery, ABS Plastic Body


10.6 x 6.8 x 1.3cm



Origin: China