Lights to keep running club moving through winter

Lights to keep running club moving through winter

By Col Stocker

To keep their running club going through the darker winter nights, a Alpkit Foundation award helped towards some lights to keep them safe and visible around the poorly lit streets.

Coming through those longer, colder nights it can really lift the spirits when the Spring evenings begin to warm and the light stretches that bit further each day. But in order to keep motivation going through the winter days and keep active, that’s when a community of like minded souls is at its strongest, pulling each other through the get-out-easy excuses.

Well Anyone Can Run is a running club over in Norwich and striving to run all year their beginner's club holds night runs and upon entering the winter months quickly began to realise just how dark things were on their poorly lit streets.

Annette is a running coach at the club and she applied to the Alpkit Foundation last autumn before the nights drew in.

“Our beginners running group likes to continue training throughout the autumn and winter, but the streets that we run in are poorly lit. So to ensure the safety of our runners, we needed to buy and provide each runner with high viz vests head torches, and where possible body lights. As a non profit club we cannot fund this from subscriptions”

£100 from the Alpkit foundation went towards kitting out the group with front and back light sets. These would be issued and then recollected at the night meets. So keeping them running, visible and safe. Meaning they could keep training in the darker nights.

“We are a small not for profit running club for people wishing to run shorter distances and are very grateful to people like Alpkit who see the benefits of fitness and want to help smaller groups. Over 2 years we have grown from 6 to 30 members and are now entering local 5 and 10k runs and races. We raised £1500 last year in the Race for Life.

This small award from Alpkit has an abled us to buy a lot of those things for our runners to keep us safe and running. Thank you “

Enjoy the lighter evenings gang!

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