Trespass 92 - Hayfield Kinder Trespass Group and Spirit of Kinder

Trespass 92 - Hayfield Kinder Trespass Group and Spirit of Kinder

By Col Stocker

The Kinder Trespass 92nd anniversary in Hayfield pledges responsible access to open spaces, supported by Alpkit’s Hayfield Kinder Pledge.

It’s well documented that the 1932 Kinder Mass Trespass was a pivotal event in the fight for responsible access to open spaces. However, 92 years on and the same issues remain a continual struggle.

Hayfield, SATURDAY 27th APRIL - Trespass 92. Organised by the Hayfield Kinder Trespass Group (with Spirit of Kinder), we are delighted to be adding support to the 92nd anniversary. From 1pm onwards, it’s an afternoon of talks, stalls, exhibitions and live music, followed by walks and swims on the Sunday. There will be a running theme of Outdoors for All, something we passionately share here at Alpkit and back up through the Alpkit Foundation.

Speakers include Kate Ashbrook from the Open Spaces Society, Dave Morris the outdoor campaigner and environmentalist, Dr. Morag Rose, urban open spaces campaigner and Max Ayamba, campaigning to encourage wider diversity of access.

We will be there for the afternoon sharing a stand with the Outdoor Swimming Society who will be holding their Right to Swim trespass at Kinder reservoir on the Sunday. So pop along and say hi!

During the event they will also formally launch the Hayfield Kinder Pledge, based on Benny Rothman’s 1989 Rivington Pledge, updated to reflect current issues and campaigns.

You can find out more information and sign the pledge over on their website. (By purchasing your own copy of the Kinder Pledge, your name will be included as a supporter of the pledge.) The Hayfield Kinder Pledge.

Parking is very limited in Hayfield, so please be thoughtful and they are requesting people arrive by public transport if possible.

Stuart Maconie at Trespass 90 | Kinder trespass swim, 2022.

Hayfield Kinder Trespass Group began life in 2011 with a view to raising money for premises that would be permanent exhibition venues, with the 1932 Mass Trespass used as a starting point to showcase issues currently affecting responsible access to appropriate open spaces. We caught up recently with chair of the group Dave Toft, who explained a little more.

“In those early years, we began raising awareness of the trespass and current campaigns by giving talks and writing articles, and gradually, this became our central purpose.
We now give talks to organisations such as the National Trust, Loughborough University, Leicester University, schools, trade unions, and community groups, all with the theme of ‘responsible access for all’”

With Leicester Uni students.

Even now, less than 4% of rivers in England have an uncontested public right of access, the path network is frequently inaccessible and access land which gives us our current and limited right to roam covers just 8% of England. This right extends only to those on foot and excludes others such as equestrians, paddlers and cyclist.

Kate Ashbrook, Open Spaces Society.

This year over 42 organisations have signed up to a coalition called Outdoors for All and the group have become an integral part, working closely with large national campaigning organisations such as the Ramblers’ Association, BMC, OSS, Right to Roam, British Canoeing, and several outdoor/wild swimming groups.

“Recently, I was invited, as Chair of the group, to the national launch in Westminster of the Outdoors for All coalition of these 42 campaigning groups. This was a cross-party event, attended by MPs, shadow ministers and the Secretary of State for the Environment, confirming that greater access to open spaces, urban and rural, is now high up on the national political agenda in this election year. Working with many of the organisations mentioned, we have been instrumental in creating the ‘Hayfield Kinder Pledge’, designed by Peter Senior, the artist involved in the original ‘Rivington Pledge’ of 1989 and who was also responsible for the plaque in Bowden Bridge Car Park.”

Follow the work of the Hayfield Kinder Trespass Group - See you out there!

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