Hinged bouldering mat made in the UK

UK made hinged bouldering mat offers extra cushioning for boulderers

By Kenny Stocker>

Rob Greenwood of UKC magazine introduces the Mujo as a counterpart to the previously reviewed Origin, deeming it the Origin's "non-siamese" twin. The Mujo is similarly designed in terms of dimensions and shares the simple, frill-free approach. However, where they diverge is in the Mujo's additional centimeter of foam and the inclusion of a hinge, contrasting the Origin's Taco design.

It offers significantly more shock absorbency courtesy of the increased depth (12cm vs. 11cm), which is definitely noticeable when you're falling off things from height.

The Mujo, echoing Alpkit's design philosophy, is neat, simple, and uncluttered. A standout feature of the Mujo is the variable height adjustment on its back system. Specifically designed to accommodate users of different statures, it offers both high and short loops to thread the straps, adding to the pad's versatility.

As a hinged mat Rob finds that the Mujo undoubtedly has its strengths. A crucial advantage is its enhanced shock absorbency, thanks to its 12cm depth of shock absorbing foam. This extra cushioning is palpably beneficial when taking high falls, making it a reliable bouldering mat choice for boulderers. Rob summarises, while the Mujo is another commendable all-rounder from Alpkit, priced reasonably for its offerings, it might find itself slightly overshadowed by the appeal of its cousin, the Origin.

Rob compares our bouldering mats in his UKmade bouldering mat review.

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