Women's Running Clothing

Women's Running Clothing

From mountain marathons and muddy trails to the local park circuit; we love running. Avoid blisters and blizzards with our range of running kit and stay outside, ready for anything... Read more

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Comfortable and odour free from added natural silver thread for its anti-microbial qualities
Bundle price $39.99


3 pack of our breathable microfibre dual skin running socks
Bundle price $22.49


3 pack of odour resistant 3/4 crew cut merino socks
Bundle price $39.99


Bamboo socks which feel oh so lovely on your feet
Bundle price $19.99


3 pack of moisture wicking midi socks with COOLMAX® fibres
Bundle price $39.99

Koulin Cap

Lightweight, wicking and fast drying cap for running and hiking
Bundle price $29.99
  • Chilli
  • Fontainebleau
  • Tarmac

Airhead Beanie

Low profile fleece liner beanie, fits neatly under helmets
Bundle price $24.99
  • Blue
  • Rust

Draught Excluder

It is a hat, a scarf, an ear band…
Bundle price $7.99

Kepler Draught Excluder

Luxuriously soft, lightweight pure merino neck warmer
Bundle price $34.99


For reducing blisters and hot spots when out on the trail
Bundle price $34.99

Kepler Liner Glove

Merino liner glove corespun with nylon for durability
Bundle price $39.99

Specta Pullover Glove

Running gloves with stowable windproof pullover mitt and touchscreen fingertips
Bundle price $34.99


Running and cycling sunglasses with spare low-light lens
Bundle price $27.49

Aktif Ankle

3 low-cut and lightweight COOLMAX® sports socks
Bundle price $19.99


Polarised floating sunglasses with a wraparound frame for protection from the sun
Bundle price $27.49


Anti-fog cycling eyewear. Protection from mud, grit and the elements
Bundle price $22.49