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  • alpkit down care kit
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  • Alpkit Down Care Kit
    • alpkit down care kit
    • alpkit down care kit balls
    • Alpkit Down Care Kit

    Alpkit Down Care Kit

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    Washes and restores original finish to down filled garments Eco friendly finish.

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    Look after your kit and it will look after you...

    Take some time and a bit of love to look after your kit, keeping it clean and proofed ensures that the next adventure is ready to be tackled. And it can be done in one wash.

    Within this kit you get all you need to care for your Down filled Gear. Down Wash, Down Proof and a couple of handy Dryer Balls to help maintain loft and insulation during the drying.

    Down Wash

    Down garments contain clusters of down held within pockets. Down is a very delicate material therefore It is important to ensure that during the cleaning process the natural oils on the down are not stripped out. Cleaning down filled garments or item can be done at home.

    Our Storm Down cleaner with balanced pH allows for cleaning to be gentle on the fibres so they can remain soft to the touch, maximize loft and maintain the intended performance.


    Many down filled items have a DWR treatment of the external face, this is to protect both the user and the performance of the down filling. Wet down is worse than no down. After a while the DWR starts to age and loses its water repellent properties. The item needs re-proofing when water doesn’t form as drops on the fabric. Re-proofing can be done at home, by the domestic user with a simple wash in product. Our ECO Down Proofer is designed to be used in the same washing cycle as the Down Wash, saving on water and power.


    Down Wash – (225ml)

    Down Proofer – (225ml)

    Each wash requires 75ml


    Key Features

    • Wash:

      • Three Wash bottle 
      • pH Balanced 
      • Suitable for all down filled items
      • Maintain soft feel Increases insulation performance 


      • Three Wash bottle 
      • PCF Free Eco formula
      • Heat Curing 
      • Suitable for all down filled items
      • Abrasion resistant