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Ditch the flask of stewed tea and make a fresh brew on the trail. Or go further with hot soup or nutritious one-pot wonder. When you’ve got a checkpoint to make, painstakingly assembling your cooking system isn’t always an option.

Brukit was built on the basis that sometimes you just really need to boil water or make food quickly. It’s efficient, fast, and simple.

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An integrated system for fast boil times. A built-in heat exchanger and windshield minimises heat loss so your fuel goes that bit further.

All the Brukit’s bits can be stored inside its own pot, including a 100 g canister, so you have minimal components to juggle. The built-in Piezo ignitor makes lighting the Brukit faff-free; with a neoprene cosy can be left on during cooking for easy handling. A secure, locking handle keeps everything contained when in transit and makes pouring easy. The included pan support makes the Brukit compatible with other pans too. Gas canister not included.

Heat it and eat it: it’s that simple!

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Key Features

  • 1200 W integrated cooking system, ideal for boiling water and making dehydrated meals
  • Pan support for compatibility with other pans
  • Neoprene cosy keeps food warmer for longer
  • Easy to adjust gas control lever, even with gloved hands
  • Built in windshield and heat exchanger
  • Durable plastic lid with ventilation holes, doubles as a pasta strainer
  • Secure and locking handle with rubber sleeves. Locks lid when in transit, locks handle for easy pouring
  • Integrated Piezo ignition for hassle-free lighting
  • Interior volume indicators make measuring out quantities easier
  • Self-contained: the burner and a gas canister (not included) fit inside
  • Fast and efficient boil time, great for melting snow at winter
  • Comes with a nylon storage bag
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Gas category: Butane under vapour pressure
Jet size: 0.22mm
Power: 1200W
Consumption: 86g/h
Pot construction: Aluminium
Compatibility: 100g/230g/450g Butane/Propane gas canisters with a Lindal B188 screw valve conforming to EN417 standard. It may be hazardous to attempt to fit other types of gas container.
CE certified


Recommended Volume: 1000ml
Actual Volume: 1200ml


Packed: ⌀13 x 19cm
Assembled: ⌀13 x 25.5cm
Cooking pot (external): ⌀13 x 17.5cm
Cooking pot (internal): ⌀11.5 x 14cm
Lid: ⌀13 x 2.5cm
Burner: ⌀11.5 x 8cm
Handle: 3 x 11cm


Total: 585g
Cooking pot: 250g
Lid: 45g
Burner: 200g
Pot stand: 60g
Canister stand: 30g

Boil time

500ml water at room temp (full power): 2 mins 27 secs

Origin: China

Kudos Review the BruKit

With everything you need in the box (bar gas!) the BruKit is a fantastic stove, fast, efficient, easy to use and lightweight.

Cooking Up A Storm: BruKit Makes Outdoors Magic 100

Efficient, fast, and simple. The Alpkit BruKit is an outdoor kitchen in a can