Canoe Camping; An Essential Guide

Whether you're trying to dodge rush hour on the M1, or escaping to the wilderness for a multi-day adventure, travelling by canoe offers an extraordinary way of experiencing the world.

Lovers of the great outdoors can't help but appreciate the simplicity and diversity of canoe camping. From dramatic cascades and majestic cliffs, to a mother duck teaching her ducklings to swim, canoe camping accords a sense of harmony and intimacy with nature unlike any other.

Mark Scriver reckons there are few wrong ways to go about canoe tripping, however there are a whole lot of different ways. In this book he draws on over thirty years of paddling experience to provide the tools necessary to plan a safe and enjoyable canoe trip. Scriver explains everything from the absolute basics for budding boaters – complete with checklists – to culinary inspiration and ideas for experienced trippers to develop their knowledge and skills.

There is even handy information for family canoe camping, including activities that will complement the trip.


Key Features