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The EZ Sleeper is an ultralight closed cell foam mat for boosting the warmth of your winter sleep system or shaving down your summer pack weight.


  • Boosts the warmth of your other mats for winter camping
  • Insulating IXPE foam reduces heat loss to cold ground
  • Folding design takes up less space for easy packing

Winter Booster

Half the weight and packed size of other folding foam mats, the EZ Sleeper is primarily designed for using as a winter booster mat. Weighing just 240g, you can use it with your inflatable or self-inflating mat to extend your current camping set-up into the colder months.

Ultralight Design

At half the weight of most inflatable sleeping mats, the EZ Sleeper can also be used as a fast and light summer mat. It's ideal for ultralight backpacking, mountain marathons or bikepacking races where low pack weight is essential. The folding concertina design also takes up less space, making it easier to pack.

Space Age Insulation

You can lose up to 3x more heat to cold ground than cold air. The EZ Sleeper's closed cell foam is highly insulating, reducing heat loss by conduction. The 'egg box' design traps pockets of still, warm air for additional insulation. And the top of the mat has an aluminium film coating to reduce heat loss by radiation.

Virtually Indestructible

Foam mats are reassuringly reliable, providing puncture-proof warmth and comfort – and protection for your air-filled mat. We've used IXPE (Irradiation Cross-Linked Polyethylene) foam too. This 'cross-linked' foam has more bonds between the molecules for extra durability.


Key Features

  • Boosts the warmth of your other mats for cold weather camping
  • Ultralight design is half the weight of most inflatable mats
  • Insulating IXPE closed cell foam is virtually indestructible
  • Aluminium film coating reduces heat loss by radiation
  • Egg box design takes traps insulating air and folds easily
  • Compact folding design takes up less space for easy packing
  • Puncture-proof!
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


IXPE fom with aluminium film coating


Flat: 188cm x 55cm x 1.7cm
Folded: 55cm x 13.5cm x 8cm


245g (excluding straps)

Warmth rating

R-value: 1.3

Origin: China