AAAH! Brain freeze! There’s a fair bit to remember when you’re swimming in cold water – breathing through your gasp reflex for one – and it’s all a lot easier if your brain is working properly.

The Outdoor Swimming Cap uses high-grade 3mm neoprene to keep your head warm when the water temperatures reach "will I go blue after this one?" levels. With three different sizes and a velcro chin strap, the Outdoor Swimming Cap is designed to provide a secure fit, reducing flushing and retaining as much body heat as possible in chilly waters.

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The outside of the neoprene swimming cap is coated with GlideSkin, a shiny, more streamlined type of neoprene – a bit like the top of a dolphin’s head. Its main porpoise is to reduce drag in the water, allowing you to slice through lakes, rivers and waves with ease. GlideSkin also repels water and dirt and retains heat more efficiently than standard neoprene.

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Key Features

  • Three different sizes and a velcro chin strap for a secure fit when swimming
  • 3mm thick high-grade neoprene keeps your head warm in cold water
  • Smooth GlideSkin exterior reduces drag in the water
  • GlideSkin repels water and dirt
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats

Sizing (head circumference)

Small: under 55cm
Medium: 55 - 59cm
Large: over 59 cm

*Note – Neoprene stretches by around 5% when wet so always opt for a snug fit when dry


3mm high-grade neoprene

Origin: China

Sustainability & Care

Product Care Information

To stop your Swimming Cap smelling funky or drying out from salt water, rinse it thoroughly in cold water after use. Hang it to dry in the middle of the cap to avoid stretching and store away from direct sunlight.


Outdoor Swimming Cap in action