Nikwax Down Wash

Product Designer Ronnie is constantly telling us to wash our down jackets to revive them and keep them performing well, so we figured we’d best get some of this stuff in.

Your down garments and kit lose their insulating properties when they get dirty. Down Wash is designed specifically to revitalise your down jacket by restoring water repellency, maintaining fill power and insulation and reviving its breathability. All this will make your down kit perform better for much longer.

Nikwax Down Wash is easy and safe to use with a washing machine or by handwashing. Read our instructions for washing down items if you’re unsure!


Key Features

  • For cleaning and revitalising down kit and clothing.
  • Use in the washing machine or wash by hand.
  • Restores water repellency and breathability.
  • Ideal for hydrophobic and regular down.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond