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Qark is small, mighty, reliable rechargeable head torch. Packed with such clever features that make it ideal for running, hiking and climbing.

One of our favourite features is Qark’s dual battery compatibility which lets you choose your power source, making it excellent for multi-day trips. The main battery pack is rechargeable, with a micro-USB charging port that plugs directly into the battery itself. Whilst the battery pack is charging you can use your Qark with AAA batteries with no sacrifice to performance. This makes Qark hugely versatile, ideal for multi-day trips, continuous use, or if you’re just the kind of person who forgets to recharge your head torch.

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With a brightness range of 30 – 580 lumens and a red front light, Qark delivers the right lighting whether you need to see every pebble and stick on the trail or are just reading in your tent. You shift through the settings with a single button, which means minimum faffing is required.

Focus control lets you adjust your beam width: twiddle the control to ‘flood’ for close-proximity activities like navigating and reading, then move over to ‘spot’ for trail finding. The light unit has a 90˚ tilt so that you can point your light in wherever you want.

Qark has a removable overhead central strap that stabilises the light on your head, making it ideal for dynamic activities like running and climbing. In fact, as it weighs just 95 grams, you’ll forget your even wearing it!

Qark has a water resistance rating of IPX6, so it can sustain rain but not submersion.

CORRECTION: Rowan proved that he is in fact human and made a mistake in this video. Qark medium brightness is 270 lm, not 70!

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Key Features

  • Bright, light and compact 580 lumen rechargeable head torch
  • Battery pack recharges with micro-USB, compatible with Alpkit power banks
  • Also compatible with AAA batteries so you can still use it as you recharge
  • Focus control lets you adjust between spot and flood
  • White main LED for general use, Red LED for preserving night vision
  • 90˚ tilt on light unit for reading, navigating, avoiding shining your light in people’s faces
  • Overhead central strap for a stabilised fit on your head
  • Rainproof body for durability in changeable weather conditions
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Mode Brightness Beam Distance Burn time*
Main High 580 lm 150 m 2h30
Main Med 270 lm 100 m 5h30
Main Low 30 lm 35 m 18 h
Red 10 lm 5 m 15 h


Weight: 95g
Size: 62 x 41 x 43mm


Light output: 580 lm
Bulb: 1 x XP-C Cree white LED; 1 x O.SW Nichia Red LED
Energy: 1 x 3.7 800 mAh proprietary Li-polymer rechargeable battery pack (Charge time: 2.5 hrs) OR 3 x AAA alkaline batteries
IP rating: IPX6 (Protected from total dust ingress. Protected from high pressure water jets from any direction)

Origin: China

James Forrest reviews Qark

This head torch’s main selling point is its power – a 580 lumens max output – despite the affordable price-tag of £34.99. You’ll pay a lot more for such brightness from other brands.

We liked the central, over-the-head strap for added stability, while the focusing ring on the front headlamp enabled us to easily adjust the beam focus between spot and flood. The 90-degree tilt function was handy too.

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Qark in action