Soloist Footprint

If you are off the beaten track you cannot always guarantee you will find the perfect pitch.

The Soloist footprint adds an extra layer of protection to your tent's groundsheet. Made from the same lightweight, waterproof 20D ripstop polyester as your groundsheet, it provides protection from rough ground and water-saturated pitches whilst not adding too much to the weight of your rucksack.

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An added benefit of the footprint is that Soloist can be pitched without the inner. This configuration, also known as a tarp tent, will save you close to half a kilo in your pack.

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Key Features

  • 20 d Ripstop Polyester PU (HH: 5,000 mm)
  • Pole eyelets so Soloist outer can be used without the inner
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Footprint: 128g (Regular) / 153g (XL) Footprint bag: 7g


20 d Ripstop Polyester PU (HH: 5,000 mm)

Origin: China

Sustainability & Care

Product Care Information

Clean and dry tent thoroughly after each use. Never use a washing machine, tumble dryer or jetwash to clean your tent. Car washes are also frowned upon. Spot clean with warm water and a soft brush. Never use bleach, fabric softeners or other household cleaning products. Air dry only. Pack tent carefully to avoid punctures. Avoid prolonged UV exposure. If you are unlucky enough to rip your tent, duct tape or StormSure Tough Tape will do the trick for field repairs.


When your partnership with this product is over please don’t leave it hidden in a cupboard, never to see another adventure. Wash it, repair it, pass it on, give to a friend, sell it, donate it to charity, make it into something else or recycle it and let someone else live their dream. For more ideas check out our Continuum Project or visit a Repair Station in store.