Towels: they make you dry. Especially when you're wet.

Towel vigorously for best results. But don't over-towel. Alpkit accepts no liability for friction-related injuries.

With advanced S.Y.B.W (Stops You Being Wet) technology, years in development, these are technical towels for technical people.*

*Technically it's just a towel.


Key Features

  • Advanced S.Y.B.W. (Stops You Being Wet) technology.
  • Dual surface towelling (it has a front and a back).
  • Can be rolled into a cylinder for portability.
  • Absorbs water... well, it's a towel isn't it?
  • Very dry when dry; quite wet when wet.
  • Big ol' Sonder logo.
  • Rectangular.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


100% cotton


150cm x 77cm

Origin: China


Sonder Beach Towel in action