The Outdoor Swimmers' Handbook
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The must-have, beautifully illustrated breakout guide to the booming nature meets wellbeing sport: outdoor swimming.

Capturing the freewheeling spirit, community and wisdom that defines The Outdoor Swimming Society movement, founder Kate Rew reveals everything you need to know to explore rivers, lakes, seas and estuaries. Kate explores the rich and varied life of outdoor swimmers, from the physiology of cold to planning lazy hazy downstream swims.

The Outdoor Swimmers' Handbook will lead you to the shore and become your trusted companion for the adventures ahead.


Versatile handbook for beginners and experienced swimmers alike. Covering kit, equipment, locations and nature guides with full colour illustrations and photographs. Free delivery. Free returns.


Product overview

  • Full colour illustrations, photographs and field guides
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced swimmers alike
  • Covers kit, equipment, locations and nature guides
  • Author Kate Rew is founder of The Outdoor Swimming Society

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Kate Rew

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220m x 160mm


09 June 2022

Robert Macfarlane reviews The Outdoor Swimmers' Handbook

‘A really important, inspiring book, written by someone at the heart of the outdoor swimming movement that -- over the last fifteen years -- has encouraged millions of people to experience the wonders and friendships of Britain's rivers, lakes and seas. Rew's book combines hard-won, deeply researched information on how to swim safely and joyfully out-of-doors, with vivid first-hand accounts of swims in astonishing places and with remarkable people. Read on. Dive in.’