Williams Expedition Compass

North has never been truer


Expedition compass with clear and precise markings for ease of use when navigating

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Williams Expedition Compass North has never been truer


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In the words of buyer Dave, the Kinder plateau is a navigation nightmare. We like having Dave around, so we wanted him to have a Kinder-worthy expedition compass.

As much as we rely on our phone GPS in the city, a compass is essential when you’re out on the hill, and is usually on the required kit list for orienteering and fell running events.

The Williams compass is designed with OS, BMC and Harvey maps in mind. We all like to know how far there is still left to go, distance markers on the base plate mean that you can concentrate on navigating rather than converting the scales in your head.

You will also find the standard grid markings for reading and making precise 6 figure grid references. On a 1:25 scale map this means you can plot points to an accuracy of 10 x 10 m.

The bearing dial is filled with damping oil which stops the needle from bouncing around for micro-navigating, and the needle itself is reflective, making it ideal for night navigation. After all, we wouldn’t want to lose Dave up on Kinder.


Key Features

  • Grid reference and distance scales for OS, Harveys and BMC maps.
  • Damping oil in the bearing reduces wobble for more precise readings.
  • Reflective needle that you can see clearly at night.
  • 1:25000, 1:40000, and 1:50000 grid reference scales for quick reading with different maps.
  • 1:25000 (2 km) and 1:40000 (3 km) distance scales.
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Origin: China


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