An ode to Outdoor Swimming

An ode to Outdoor Swimming

By Abby Cornforth

Wild swimming is a release, a distraction, an addiction, a cure.

I started swimming regularly once I began working for Alpkit a few years ago, i met likeminded people who also had that thirst for adventure, or the crazy gene, whichever.

In February, my Dad got diagnosed with cancer, for a while I didn't really have a coping mechanism, but pretty soon I yearned for water. I craved the cold liquid that would make my skin tingle.

I decided to swim 52 miles in 2020 (the total length of all major Cumbria waters) to raise money for Cancer Research, it became my focus and my medicine. Every part of wild swimming, or cold water swimming, is exciting; from packing your kitbag, to hiking to your destination, to the post swim burn!

There's something about walking into a cold body of water, inch by inch, everything floats away, there's nothing to focus on but your breathing.

It brings a sense of relief from everyday worries, when you need just 15 minutes to forget about reality, what's happening in the world, any negative thoughts and you can just be, be in the moment and be yourself.

No worries, no stress, no anxiety, no pain.

This article was written by Abby Cornforth, our Store manager in Keswick.

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