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The Airloks are waterproof stuff sacks made from tough and lightweight rip-stop nylon to keep your kit dry inside a pack.

Use Airlok dry bags inside your backpack as a handy way of storing your valuables, spare layers or even your toilet roll - it’s the small things that make expedition life more enjoyable! The taped seams and roll-top closure means your items can be kept dry and to hand in your backpack.

A different colour for each size makes it easier to distinguish between sizes and there’s plenty of sizes to choose from. 60 litres is a useful size if you prefer a full rucksack liner rather than lots of smaller dry bags.


Key Features

  • Fully taped seams and a roll-top closure forms a waterproof seal
  • Rip-stop silicone-coated nylon is lightweight and durable
  • Different colours to distinguish between dry bags in your pack
  • Not intended for full submersion
  • 3 Year Alpine Bond

Vital stats


Fabric: Silnylon 30D Cordura® with PU waterproofing
Parts: Polypropylene stiffener, Hypalon seal, 20 mm Plastic buckle


42 x 42 x 77cm



Origin: China

Sustainability & Care

Product Care Information

Once you’re back from your adventure, make sure your Airlok bag is completely dry before storing it as water can break down the PU coating over time. If you’re storing wet gear inside your Airlok, turn it inside out first to protect the PU waterproofing and let the siliconised fabric do its job.


PVC releases toxins which make their way into the environment. That’s why we use PU coated nylon rather than PVC for our dry bags. The result is a stuff sack that is durable, can withstand a great range of temperatures, and won’t release any toxic chemicals.