700c wheelset

Bombproof 700c wheelset for pushing boundaries

By Kenny Stocker

Perfect for cyclists seeking alternatives to Halo, DT Swiss, and Hunt. Learn why the Sonder 700c Alpha Aero wheel set stands out in performance, durability, and value, transforming expectations for avid cyclists.

We're thrilled with the recent review of our Alpha Aero wheelset from Road.cc and excited to share why we think our wheels could be a fantastic choice for cyclists looking beyond mainstream brands like Halo, DT Swiss, and Hunt.

Elegant design meets affordability

Road.cc highlighted the striking appearance of our Alpha Aero wheelset. We've designed these wheels to offer premium aesthetics at an accessible price point.

Unparalleled durability for rough terrain

Described as 'bombproof,' the Alpha Aero wheelset is built to last. We know cyclists encounter diverse terrains, and our wheels are crafted to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether it's broken back lanes or harsh tracks, these wheels are reliable companions, staying true and tight even after extensive use.

Versatile for various riding styles

Our wheelset isn't just for smooth roads. The 28-spoke front and 32-spoke rear configuration make the Alpha Aero suitable for a wide range of surfaces. Plus, they can comfortably fit tires up to 38mm, pushing the boundaries beyond conventional limits.

Performance without compromise

While our wheels are robust, we've finely balanced their weight to ensure performance isn't compromised. Road.cc noted that despite being on the heavier side, the Alpha Aeros maintain momentum efficiently, particularly on flatter terrains and rolling hills. This makes them ideal for those who value durability without wanting to sacrifice speed.

Ideal for loaded adventures

For cyclists who love to pack gear, the Alpha Aero provides unparalleled stability. With exceptional stiffness, these wheels offer confidence and reliability for all your adventures.

Compatibility and ease of use

Compatibility is key in today's cycling world. Our wheels support both tubeless and tubed setups, catering to personal preferences and ensuring a hassle-free experience. We've focused on making tire changes straightforward, reducing stress for cyclists on the move.

Responsive and quiet freehub

The six-pawl freehub design in our wheels is for those who appreciate quick engagement and minimal play. Road.cc's appreciation of this feature reflects our commitment to providing a responsive and enjoyable ride.

Competitive pricing for exceptional value

Priced at £299.99, the Alpha Aero wheelset offers incredible value. We aim to make high-quality wheelsets accessible to more cyclists, challenging the notion that top-tier wheels have to come with a hefty price tag.

In conclusion

The positive review from Road.cc is a testament to our commitment to quality, performance, and value. Whether you're an adventurer, a commuter, or a weekend warrior, these wheels are designed to enhance your ride, proving that you don't have to stick to the usual names to get exceptional quality and performance in cycling.

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