Wild Camping Equipment

Wild Camping Equipment

Experience the joy of piecing together your own multi-day adventure with overnight stays in secluded spots. A trip that isn't reliant on a town, pub or established campsites. It could be a multi-day backpacking walk through our mountains and fells; a ride-in/ride-out bikepacking adventure or a single local overnight bivvy in the local woods... Read more

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Ultralight bivvy bag with a zipped opening, weighing just 285g
Was $159.99


Waterproof and breathable bivvy bag weighing less than 400 g
Bundle price $59.99
  • Lego
  • Chilli

Hunka XL

Breathable, waterproof bivvy bag weighing just 500 g
Bundle price $79.99
  • Chilli
  • Lego

Mora Hammock

One-person hammock for camping with hanging straps
Bundle price $49.99

Mora Bug Net

Mesh net to keep insects out of your hammock
Bundle price $29.99

3 Square

3m x 3m square tarp for hammock camping or bivvying
Bundle price $44.99

4 Square

4m x 4m square tarp for camping group shelters and expeditions
Bundle price $59.99

Rig 3.5

Siliconised ripstop nylon tarp with 16 hypalon attachment points
Was $79.99
  • Kelp
  • Chilli

Rig 7

30d siliconised ripstop nylon tarp, the ultimate lightweight shelter for backpackers
Bundle price $119.99
  • Chilli
  • Kelp

Fredd 4

4mm Camping Utility Cord
Bundle price $9.99


Set of 5 shiny red and grey micro clips
Bundle price $8.99


One person hooped bivvy for a pitch-anywhere sleeping shelter
Was $119.99

Ordos 2

Ultralight 2 person semi-geodesic backpacking tent
Bundle price $239.99
  • Kelp
  • Chilli

Jaran 2

Twin porch ultralight 2 person 3 season backpacking tent
Bundle price $239.99

Ordos 3

Ultralight 3 person semi-geodesic backpacking tent
Bundle price $299.99

Jaran 3

Twin porch ultralight 3 person 3 season backpacking tent
Bundle price $319.99


Pack of 6 high load strength, lightweight titanium V-pegs
Bundle price $24.99

Cloud Cover

Lightweight down camping quilt with 750 fill power goose down
Was $119.99

Cloud Nine

Ultralight 3-season down travel bag, rectangular shape
Bundle price $229.99

Cloud Peak 200

Synthetic fill 2 season sleeping bag with a 4°C limit
Bundle price $109.99

SkyeHigh 500

3 season down sleeping bag: -3°C limit
Bundle price $179.99

Pipedream 400

Ultralight 3 season down sleeping bag with a -6˚C sleep limit, weighing 865g
Bundle price $239.99

Mora Underquilt

Insulated under layer to prevent hammock heat loss
Bundle price $59.99

Airo 120

Torso length self-inflating mat, weighing 450 g
Bundle price $49.99

Airo 180

Full length lightweight and compact self-inflating camping mat
Bundle price $59.99

Cloud Base

Lightweight inflatable camping mat just 420g and 5 cm thick
Bundle price $54.99


Big chamber full length inflatable sleeping mat
Bundle price $59.99


Ultralight inflatable camping pillow for multi-day hikes, bike tours and overnight adventures
Was $17.49


Meths camping stove weighing just 150g with a flame regulator
Was $39.99


This is possibly the world's lightest camping stove
Bundle price $34.99


Heat it and eat it, a 560 g integrated cooking system
Bundle price $59.99

BruKit Coffee Press

Converts your Brukit into a lightweight camping cafetière
Bundle price $17.49

Gas Support

Three-legged stand to provide stability on uneven ground
Bundle price $5.99


Lightweight friction fire lighter for quick and easy fire lighting
Bundle price $12.49

MytiMug 400

Titanium mug perfectly sized for morning coffee and soup at lunch
Was $34.99

MytiMug 650

A perfectly sized titanium cooking mug for the soloist adventurer
Bundle price $39.99


Aluminium cook set which deserves a place on any extended camping trip
Bundle price $39.99


Titanium chain for suspending your cookpot over an open fire
Bundle price $12.49

Gourdon 30L

30 litre waterproof rucksack with mesh pockets
Bundle price $49.99
  • Black
  • Lego

Presta 25L

25 litre multi-activity daypack, lightweight, stable and streamlined
Was $59.99
  • Nemo
  • Chilli

Ledge 35L

35 litre daypack for four season hiking and scrambling
Bundle price $74.99
  • Chilli
  • Nemo

Pacific Crest 65L

65L rucksack for multi-day trekking and backpacking
Bundle price $99.99

Compact Hiker Single

Compact rucksack friendly trekking pole weighing in at just 275 g
Bundle price $29.99

Shox Comfort Single

Single modern sprung grip 3 section snaplock walking pole
Bundle price $29.99


Thin, light and waterproof folding USB solar panel
Bundle price $49.99


Rechargeable bluetooth speaker and camping lantern
Was $44.99


1000 lumen rechargeable hand torch with 4 hour burn time
Was $54.99


240 lumen rainproof head torch with reactive lighting mode
Was $29.99


450 lumen waterproof head torch with a 3 hour burn time
Bundle price $49.99


300 lumen rechargeable head torch with 11 hour burn time
Was $49.99


Rechargeable camping lantern with a magnetic back and hanging clip
Bundle price $49.99

Slurp Mug

Enamel mug for enjoying a good brew at the campsite
Bundle price $12.49


Titanium spork (or foon? or forked spoon)
Bundle price $9.99

SnapWire Foon

Lightweight folding titanium spork (or foon? or maybe forpoonk?)
Bundle price $9.99


Long handled titanium spork (or foon?)
Bundle price $12.49

Wild camping, snowholing and bivvying all involve spending the night hours outdoors in remote places.

Is wild camping legal?

All land is owned by someone. So unless you have landowner permission to camp you may be asked to move on. Scotland and Dartmoor are rare examples in the UK where local laws mean it is perfectly legal to camp.

Many landowners including National Parks view that wild camping on unenclosed fell land, remote from the roads, is generally accepted if undertaken responsibly by small numbers of people.

So set up camp late and leave early staying well out of peoples' way whilst causing the minimum disturbance.

Eat well, sleep well and enjoy dusk till dawn resting your weary head hopefully under a star-filled sky.